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Multi-Domain vs Wildcard vs Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates

Difference Between Multi-Domain, Wildcard and Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates. Learn about Comodo SSL Multi Domain SSL Certificates and more.

SSL certificates give you higher encryption capabilities for your site, protecting it from hackers and theft. There are many kinds of SSL Certificates offered by Commercial Certificate Authorities. Today, we will give you brief information about Multi-Domain, Wildcard and Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates.

As you know, SSL Certificates helps you protect against man-in-the-middle attack and encrypts user Information between Browser (Client) and Server(Where your website is hosted) secure. There are several use cases for SSL Certificates and different kinds of SSL Certificates based on Validation and Usage.

SSL Encryption

Today we will learn about the difference between Multi-Domain, Wildcard and Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates. We will cover a couple of known certificate authorities and their offering in these use cases

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard certificates can be used to secure several domains. One SSL certificate can protect multiple subdomains, websites or add-ons to your current website. Wildcard certificates can also be called “ACME” and “Universal” certificates.

Wildcards function by using the symbol for an asterisk (*) in place of every word in the domain’s name following the initial stage (e.g., *.com). For example, if you have a domain called example.com with several subdomains such as blog1.example.com and shop1a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9j0k1l2m3n4o5p6q7r8s9t0u1vwxyz0y1m2n3p4o7sxz6p5vwxyz80k9u0i1j2q3l4m5n6o8u7q8r6s9t0vwxyz80k9u0i1j2q3l4m5n6o8u7q8r6s9t.example.com.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard would be a great certificate for Exchange or any email server or you have SaaS Solutions or Enterprise want to secure multiple hosts. If you want to get Wildcard SSL Certificate Installed. Please check our SSL Installation Service. Following are a couple of Wildcard Certificates: 

  • Comodo SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Alpha SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Rapid SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Thawte SSL Wildcard SSL certificate
  • Positive SSL Wildcard SSL Certificate

Multi-Domain SSL certificate

A wildcard certificate can be described as a security mechanism that lets you secure multiple subdomains using one SSL certificate.

This function extends the value that comes with an SSL certificate. It allows you to secure multiple domains with one certificate. This would help you to secure multi level and multiple domains.

Wildcard certificates may contain more than 200 domains, each of which can have as many as 100 subdomains. For instance, when you have 3 wildcard domains hosted on your site, and you want to cover them all with the same SSL Certificate, your total number of safe pages is 300 (3 100 x 3).

A further advantage of using multi-domain is that they’re less expensive than buying a separate certificate for every domain. They require less paperwork to obtain the SSL Certificate from your provider. So Multi-domain certificate helps you to secure www.abc.com, production.abc.com, www.xyz.com, dev.xyz.com and many more.

  • Comodo Multi Domain SSL Certificate
  • Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
  • Positive SSL Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

It is also possible to utilize a wildcard certifiable for the multiple domains of your business and all its subdomains. This way, you will have one certificate for all your services and websites, making certificate management easier.  Multi Domain Wildcard Certificate is need of an hour for SaaS Solution Providers offering multiple services.

Multi Domain Wildcard certificate would help you to secure multiple level of subdomains with multiple levels using Single certificate

Wildcard certificates are multi-domain SSL certificates with only one domain name within the SAN field (Subject Alternative Names). Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate covers any subdomains under any SAN domain, e.g., .*.yourdomainname.com, *.mydomainname.com etc.

  • Comodo SSL Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Positive SSL Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate


We hope this post will teach you what to expect when purchasing certificates. If you’re looking for more details about the fundamentals of SSL security or have any queries about our services, do not hesitate to checkout our SSL Installation Service.

All above certificate would made your life easier certificate management easier for Renewal and Reissues. It is cost effective too while securing multiple domains, sub domains or both.