About Us

We have started Web Security Expert to solve the problem that many website owner faces to make sure that their websites are secure and compliant with recent changes from Internet Standards layed by Google and other big giants to make sure that website visitors are feel more secure.  We are based out of West part of India. our team comprise of well-versed security professional holding EC-Council CEH and Comptia Security+ Certifications. Our average team experience is about 10 years in securing web application with different. We are speciallied in following skills:



What We Provide

We have started a web security expert to solve the problem that many website owners face to make sure that their websites are secure and compliant. 

HTTP Security Headers

HTTP Security Headers would help you to secure most common web based attack on your website and that would make sure that your website is secure.

Website Malware Removal

We are specialised in website malware removal that would help you to make sure that your website up and running again within expected time line.

SSL Certificate Installation

You purchased SSL Certificate and now looking for installation. Your current Certificate provider is not helping you with installation. Please contact us our team sure help you with the same. Learn More

Web Application Firewall

Web application firewall is need of an hour. If you are running website with heavy traffic you need web application firewall to protect your website from attacks. 


Our Approach to Security & Prevention

Our approach towards website security is different. We have been learnt a lot and we are making sure that we are making it work for our customers. We provide them 100% of our dedication. We identify the threat, we detect the impact of threat, we protect it and we help you to recover from attack by responding in time.